New art at Raw Art

Click if you’d like to read more about the Kim series. There will be more repetition and Kim artwork as I get this out of my system. Consider the website a space showing artwork like a gallery or show. It’s a room. A building. It’s maybe a tent in a field! (Maybe not a tent.)

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New Work

Here’s a new artwork, “Electric Ladyland 2017”. Oil (not acrylic) on 25 x 25 cm board. Just above is the first one, when it was being painted, cups of tea in view. I may do prints of this image, as I’m working in oils now (better, stronger, er, slower) it will be harder to replicate…

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Talking Art film for KeelerTornero Lab

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“We’ve asked each artist we work with on this project to answer some questions about what they do and why they do it. Here is Sian Superman of GRRRR! answering some of these in the form of a short video that she made herself.” So say art persons KeelerTornero.       TwitterFacebookGooglePinterestMail

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