wot is raw art?


this Raw Art Thing is brought to you by Siân Superman, founder and sole member of the Art Supergroup and the Hangover Art Club.

Since 2005 I have been illustrating books and maps. In 2009 I started painting canvas and selling it online, although I’d always been drawing and painting.

There’s lots of other stuff to add – about grrrr! [the shop], which we had in Kentish Town in 2016 and 2017. About the need of manifestos, for magazines, for more exhibitions (from us), for artworks made out of apples and pieces of toast, for more blog posts, for less Super Galleries, for many people, for everyone – well not everyone.

There’s now a dedicated ART MAPS website – you can find it here.

siân superman, Raw Art proprietor 

For the archive raw art shop, spanning those crazy years from 2009-2016, please click here.