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Art Decade

This is an updated photo of a loyal Raw Art customer’s wall. He’s just put the Jimi Electric Ladyland canvas up. Seen in this picture, 11 Raw Art paintings on display (there are more I believe in his personal collection). It’s really good to see these paintings all in one place. I don’t have a copy of all of them and I forget what I’ve painted sometimes. Also, this person (Andrew Mills it is you) is good at framing canvas board, which I know some people find difficult.
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Basquiat at the Barbican

I didn’t go to the Basquiat exhibition at the Barbican. It was sold out on the last weekend. A few days after it closed, I found a Basquiat umbrella cover in the street. It was brand new. I took that Basquiat umbrella cover and now it’s got a pair of sunglasses in it.

I felt bad not going to see the exhibition. I don’t know why, I might not have even liked it (the show, although I like Basquiat’s paintings).

I missed out on the branded tote bag, the tea towel, the rollerblades and the miniature Warhol wigs.

I don’t like going to see everything that’s on.

I think you can have too much art.