Raw Art Christmas – Week 1

Yes it’s Raw Art Christmas week one, which actually started on a Thursday, because that’s when the Blakstar mugs came in. Anyway, it’s still RAW1 (wot I’m calling it) which is a relief as if it was week two then I’d be in trouble. The Blackstar mugs come from a commissioned acrylic painting I did…

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New art at Raw Art

Click if you’d like to read more about the Kim series. There will be more repetition and Kim artwork as I get this out of my system. Consider the website a space showing artwork like a gallery or show. It’s a room. A building. It’s maybe a tent in a field! (Maybe not a tent.)

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Welcome to the new Raw Art site.

Art Decade

This is an updated photo of a loyal Raw Art customer’s wall. He’s just put the Jimi Electric Ladyland canvas up. Seen in this picture, 11 Raw Art paintings on display (there are more I believe in his personal collection). It’s really good to see these paintings all in one place. I don’t have a…

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New Work

Here’s a new artwork, “Electric Ladyland 2017”. Oil (not acrylic) on 25 x 25 cm board. Just above is the first one, when it was being painted, cups of tea in view. I may do prints of this image, as I’m working in oils now (better, stronger, er, slower) it will be harder to replicate…

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