20 Jazz Funk Greats anniversary edition 1 – SOLD


20 x 20 cm. Acrylics on canvas board.

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welcome to the TEN x TEN 20 Jazz Funk Greats special edition. 10 years ago we at Raw Art painted the first in a multiple of the seminal and ovarian album sleeve, picturing our friends throbbing gristle on beachy head, ready to let rip. ten years on, and with a nod from Chris and Cosey who bought one (!!! and last I heard it was hanging by their stairs), we present ten fine multiples to commemorate the first one. they are AT A VERY SPECIAL PRICE for the first three days. they are 20×20 cm on canvas board. you can of course also get this in “mug” form.

always different and always the same.

this is painting no 1.