Lemon Twigs


Acrylics on board, measuring 20 x 20 cm.

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It’s the Lemon Twigs – Michael and Brian. Brian and Michael. Two for one and one for all. Set against a backdrop of renaissance gold, this portrait is glamorous and aloof. Strange and familiar all at the same time. A bit like – yah! – the music. I love the Lemon Twigs. They just don’t friggin’ care. Like Todd Rungren went to the dry cleaners and out came an album and a scissor-kicking velvet-looned rocker. Or two. And he wore them and they wore him and everyone went down the front into the mosh pit and went fookin’ mental and all. In a world which is dreary and filed with professional news telling us how awful everything is, Ver Twigs are a ray of hungry sunshine. And may it, yes, continue.

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