Ten Years of Raw Art catalogue – pdf download FREE

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32 page pdf booklet on ART wot is RAW. Unlimited download.


UPDATE: Pubs and bars are now closed so thank you everyone for not going yesterday and enjoy staying home and waiting for the yard arm.

Now free! Ten Years of Raw Art charts the world of raw art, including Eurovision and Football, livedraw, artworks in acrylics, early work in oils, animation, comics, badges and MORE.
As a “virus” special, you can now download the Raw Art catalogue in germ-free, digital form.
But this is not merely a gift for us to you, oh no, this is conditional. You can only download this if you stay in and do not go to the pub. Raw Art is draconian that way – stop the spread of the virus and also various other infectious viruses you might have anyway (there are loads), none of them are helping at the moment. Raw Art bloody loves pubs, normally. They are warm, welcoming and they aid chat with their quality booze offerings. But is Raw Art going to the pub? OH NO. RAW ART ISN’T. Raw Art is staying at home staring – quite literally – at a blank canvas – and watching telly. Raw Art is buying one bottle of wine at the supermarket (no stockpiling for us) and enjoying the wonders of the grape from home.
Ah, home.


a) Do not touch people
b) You could also look at some of the art on here and there will be new stuff soon! Raw Art does need to eat (and drink wine)
c) decisions about the “cancelled” Eurovision #livedraw will be made nearer the time but there may be a plan afoot to draw, and raise money for front-line services. Man.

*This download is about 95 mb, data watchers.