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Studio sale “The Constant Mouth” ­čö┤ SOLD

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Acrylic on catalogue paper, A4 size including mountboard.

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Portrait in acrylics on 2016 catalogue.

Raw Art is having a studio sale. These were made in the series “Cataloguing Disasters” from 2016 when those free pamphlets which are essentially a bourgeois Freemans Catalogue featuring well-scrubbed, middle-class white people were inserted into magazines everywhere. What was inside the minds of the models therein? What life had they come from? What were they thinking – while wearing cashmere or linen shorts or fitted skirts? Raw Art had terrible insomnia in 2016 and was haunted by these images.

The “constant mouth” of the title refers to the constant need to update these images, keep inserting these pamphlets inside the glossy magazines, update wardrobes, but above all feel connected to the real world. Is the model our mother? What are we feeding on?

The “constant mouth” is also a nod to Francis Bacon and the idea of the primal behind the formal.