Raw Art print bundle


A5 heavywieght 200 gsm cartridge paper with inked stamp print. Signed and limited to 50.

Raw Art catalogue (can be signed if you must) plus carpenter’s pencil which won’t roll off your “work” bench.


It’s the Raw Art just-before-the-festive-season-you-nutters bundle!

Buy a Raw Art catalogue booklet and get a fine Raw Art print (random words) and a pencil!

Inspired by Eric Ravilious, this is taken from one of two lino cuts. Raw Art displays its mood, or someone else’s, and prints it on nice cartridge paper.

Plus, a pencil to get you “out there” and being active! And rioting! Or just sitting at home and thinking about it – but it’s a bit cold isn’t it, really.


This bundle is at a very special price for the next month or so. I’ll try and add the free postage thing on too with code freepostage.

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Man, Woman