Ono – Fly


Acrylics on board, measuring 20 x 20 cm.

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Hello Modom. And gent. And child of the future.
To celebrate Record Store Day and indeed all the other thousands of days to follow we have a new Yoko Ono artwork, fresh from the brush. Yoko Ono – the conceptual high priestess of shrieking and transcendental banshee rock n roll.
This is a really good record,  I don’t need to go into it here – this is not the time – but needless to say it was only right that it got painted. The original is a super-imposed photograph; white packaging. Some of those bits are painted here.

“I don’t believe in doing things over. When I was painting one day it suddenly occurred to me that there is no line that you can go over. if you go over a line, the line that you went over is a totally new line.” (Our Yoko from her website.) Think I have stayed in the lines though.

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