How to Win Friends and Influence People fanzine download


20 page pdf download, in black and white, originally published in 1988.

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From Siân P and Nicky Fijalkowska. Here is a digital download of the first issue of How to Win Friends and Influence People, 1988.

The fanzine contains real interviews. We sent questionnaires with an SAE to TV hosts and people we liked. We did this via their management, listed in a book Siân had called Who’s Who on Television. We got around 35% of the interviews back and typed them up. We drew pictures, headings – cut them out, then used Pritt* to stick them to a piece of A4. We sold the ‘zines through independent record shops and through the mainly postal network of people who… used to sell each other their fanzines.

We decided to digitise them as the interviews we got were rather a coup, in retrospect. Not an actual coup, in the military sense of the word, although we delve into the war-based marketing campaign of then-supermarket chain Gateways in Issue Two. But there is an obsession with providing practical advice (some cut out from ancient 1950s books) and there are some jokes. This issue features:

Alan Bennett, Stephen Fry, Victoria Wood, Bob Holness, Nicholas Parsons, Christopher Lillicrap, John Peel, Jim Bowen, Bob (the band), June Whitfield (she sent a photo), Brian Glover, Wanda Jones (a new artiste, a confused hippo with no legs, loosely based on the singer of Transvision Vamp) – plus “What the stars think of Alan Bennett”.

There are three issues in total. Issue two will be finished as a pdf next week. HANG ON IN THERE EVERYONE.

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