Bowie cube – SOLD OUT

Archival art paper with new Raw Art Bowie illustration print. Perspex cube, approx 5 x 5 x 5 cm. Limited edition of 10, all cubes will have a ed. number and signed certification attached. Comes wrapped in gold tissue with the Raw Art seal.

The perspex on the cubes is not pristine, there are sometimes light scuffs. There are TWO left.


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The Bowie cube. New illustrations to make a hopeful David dice.

After a few experiments with different paper weights and that, we finally present the limited edition. Roll it ’til Tuesday and it could bring you Aladdin Sane. On a drive-in Saturday you could “be Heroes”. Think of all the possibilities: days of the week x six sides x maybe months x something else – if you are a mathematician you could have a field day. I rolled one today and I got Low. Of course I did.

Yes it does open up, and yes in theory you could put sweets or jewels in.

And yes, there is hope in the world.