Bowie cube


Archival art paper with new Raw Art Bowie illustration print. Perspex cube, approx 5 x 5 x 5 cm. Limited edition of 20, all cubes will have a ed. number and signed certification attached. Comes wrapped in gold tissue with the Raw Art seal.

The perspex on the cubes is not pristine, there are sometimes light scuffs.


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The Bowie cube. New illustrations to make a hopeful David dice.

After a few experiments with different paper weights and that, we finally present the limited edition. Roll it ’til Tuesday and it could bring you Aladdin Sane. On a drive-in Saturday you could “be Heroes”. Think of all the possibilities: days of the week x six sides x maybe months x something else – if you are a mathematician you could have a field day. I rolled one today and I got Low. Of course I did.

Yes it does open up, and yes in theory you could put sweets or jewels in.

And yes, there is hope in the world.