Apple tree watercolour


Watercolour on paper; 20 x 20 cm.

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Watercolour painting of apple trees in the communal London garden, late October 2021. Two initial paintings were painted when the boughs were heavy with red and green fruit in late September (see Raw Art Instagram for one of those…).

While painting those first two, neighbours sat on the bench near me drinking lager and listening to modern music. “Is that watercolour?” asked one. I like the neighbours.

This painting was made a month after – the fruit now disappeared from the boughs – eaten by people, foxes, wasps. The colour of the leaves on the two main trees is now cooler; in contrast the small line of trees behind shows orange and yellow. There is a “green” version which has gone to a good home; but here is the cooler “blue”.

I presume the two apple trees communicate with each other; they are so close. Do they hum the melodies of popular song? Do they bicker? Do they get bored? Is there such a thing as a bored tree?

The “hidden” River Kilbourne flows underneath the garden, eventually meeting the Westbourne. The trees must sense the rush and flow.