August 2009, Raw Art sets up shop on the living room table, surrounded by acrylic paint and nervous energy. The music plays, the brush is loaded, and we paint.
Ten years later, Raw Art is still here.
After #livedraw of various kinds – including Eurovision, football (league and World Cup – good work but tough crowd), and even some political elections (never again).
After Raw Art at Grrrr! in Kentish Town, with protest biscuits in resin.
After tears and laughter, watercolour and oils – it has been an ART DECADE.

Going back to painting some of the Raw Art faves was like revisiting friends. Funny how you know the brush strokes, the things that will take the longest, the most layers or a steadier hand. I was trying to free them up a little but some didn’t want that. They told me so.

There are two new paintings as such – Betty Davis and Herbie Hancock. The latter was a small painting which was used as a mug image, but I had wanted to make the picture larger. Betty needed to be her own painting.
The others are all square – some originals were postcard dimensions. Or had different lettering, or another colourway. All I rather love.
There are links on the product page to most of the original paintings and posts on the archived Raw Art site. If I can find any more I will add.
Also, there’ll be a new bundle the “Raw Art Sketch Catharsis” pack and the “Statement of Manifest Intent” too which should be finished at the weekend.
Thanks for being part of Raw Art.