Smiths Lanyards


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Maybe you were looking for a job and then you found a job. Or you’ve never had a job because you never wanted one.

But what is troo is that you would like a Smiths lanyard to hang (the dj) round your rather attractive swan-like neck as you show your id to the person you, er, show the id to. We all shuffle through the abysmal ticket barrier that is life, ultimately alone, wondering where it all went right, and where it all went wrong. But!
Here – here – you can wear your Mozzer Marr Rourke (Gannon) Joyce lanyard with a certain sense of pride and, most assuredly, loss.
Panic on the streets of London. Of Birmingham. Dublin, Dundee, Humberside.
Will life ever be sane again?

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Please Please Please, Heaven Knows, There is a Light, William it was really Nothing

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