Exhibition for chickens

Art film-maker Jared Schiller is curating the first Exhibition for Chickens in Kent. It’s on this weekend – it’s real for the chickens, humans can catch up with it online. Raw Art has made a piece especially for the chickens, and one in particular called Cleopatra. You can keep updated via Jared’s Instagram and the…

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You can still order from Raw Art. We’re going to try and use Royal Mail Guaranteed next day delivery, bicycle if you’re close or DHL. Please let me know if you need something for a certain date.

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A decade of Raw Art

Raw Art is excited to say we has a solo show at Atom Gallery in Stoke Newington, London, starting 5th October 2019. Archive stuff! Livedraw! New things! A whole load of paper cranes made from Ayn Rand’s book Capitalism. Opening party 4th October. Come along if you’re in the area.

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